Effective and Counterintuitive Diet Tips

Multi-ethnic female friends eating

There are some diet tips which one may refuse to believe because they are counterintuitive, meaning they seem to go against the grain of the usual philosophy underlying diets. This article will discuss some of these counterintuitive diet tips and why they work.

The first tip is that one should eat six times a day, instead of three. Now it is easy for one to conclude that this is not a weight-loss but a weight-gain tip. How can one lose weight by eating twice as often in one day? The answer lies in the question itself. What one would be doubling is not the quantity of the consumed food, but the frequency by which these foods are introduced into the body. Eating six times a day does not mean that one has to eat a complete meal in each time. It means one should eat three substantial meals plus three snacks a day. The scientific explanation for this is simply that eating frequently causes one’s blood sugar to stabilize thereby preventing it from dropping to a point where one would be tempted to resorting to uncontrollable binges. In addition, where one frequently eats, the body’s metabolism is constant, preventing the body from thinking it is being starved which causes it to save on calories.

Another counterintuitive tip is that one should not be obsessed with controlling the portions of the foods he eats. It is correct to say that eating too much will lead one to gain weight. However, this does not necessarily lead to the conclusion that the solution is cutting back on his portions. The correct way of doing it is by choosing the right foods to eat. When this is done, one would realize that the portions will take care of themselves. For example, eating more lean protein than bad carbohydrates will make a person feel fuller faster, which would prevent him from eating way beyond what is necessary. With that attitude even chocolate would be healthy addition to your menu.

Thus, one should, before following every diet scheme that comes his way, consider whether the diet is teaching the right stuff or not, or whether it follows the basic principles of biology and physiology or not.