How Chiropractic Can Help in Boosting Your Metabolism


Do you know that it would help you to lose weight if your body can metabolize the food you eat faster? Learn the basics of metabolism and how you can increase the process.

Understanding Metabolism

Whenever we bite a sandwich or drink water, the body moves to process the food we eat. After eating, digestion follows. The nutrients in the food we eat turns to building blocks that fuel the body. The process in which body transforms energy from food is called metabolism.

Metabolism is a group of chemical reactions happening in our body’s cells. This process converts fuel from the food we consume into energy needed by our body to function properly, move, think and develop. There are specific proteins in our body that regulate the chemical reaction of metabolism. Specific chemical reactions are in line with specific bodily functions. In fact, thousands of metabolic reactions happen at the same time – as regulated by the body – for our body cells to function properly and to stay healthy and free from diseases.

Metabolism is a constant process that starts at birth and stops when we die. It is a vital process in every life form – not just on people. If metabolism stops, life ceases among living things.

How to Improve Your Body’s Metabolism

To increase metabolism, do no skip meals, especially breakfast. Eating late as midday or late afternoon forces the body to use up the energy left to perform properly. Thus, going through the day with little energy slows down metabolism.

To effectively increase metabolism, try to eat four to six small meals stretched out throughout the entire day. Natural ways of increasing metabolism is encouraged rather than taking in food supplements and herbal medicine. Remember also to include energy giving food in your daily diet such as whole grains and fiber-rich foods such as vegetables and fruits. Do away with too much cholesterol as its components are harder to process during digestion.

Skipping meals will only increase your hunger pangs, thus, increasing your tendency to overeat in the following meal. Plan your meals throughout the day. Take smaller servings in more frequent duration.

Always move. Do things the old-fashioned way – walk through the stairs rather than taking the elevator or escalator. A few steps and movements will help you perspire more and hasten metabolism. People with sedentary lifestyle must exert a little effort to move within their work cubicle.

During weekends, clean the house, bathe the dogs, or mow the lawn. Moving around the house will help increase the pace of your metabolism.

Minimal exercise or walking must be included in your daily routine. Around 20 to 30 minutes of walking each day is recommended. It would be better if you can squeeze in regular visits to the gym for a 30- to 45-minute walk in the treadmill.

Remember, the faster your metabolism, the healthier you will be.

The Role of Chiropractic Care in Boosting Metabolism

The spine is an essential part of one’s nervous system and can affect the function of other organs and systems in the body. Thus, if the spine is damaged or unhealthy, it can cause the slow down or inefficiency of other functions, as well, including digestion in which metabolism is a significant part of. Through chiropractic care, the spine can be aligned and its function can be restored. And with such case, you will feel an improvement in your digestion.

Additionally, when you feel healthy, your mobility is increased. And the more you move, the faster your metabolism will be. This is essentially how chiropractic treatment can help you speed up your metabolism and achieve the weight and figure you have always dreamed of.